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Hotel Pagony is located in the immediate vicinity of Nyíregyháza next to the public road No. 4 in an easily accessible place which is, however, perfectly tranquil in the 55 hectares Pagony Recreational and Leisure Park.

Our company pays special attention to the protection of the environment therefore when designing the hotel our effort to be environment-friendly was of decisive importance. Our plan was that the building would grow out of the environment naturally and create an organic unit with it regarding to use of the materials (stone, wood and second-hand brick), the size, the shape and the conception of the building. It was important for us to use environment-friendly materials for the construction and that the interior utilities’ technologies would not load the environment negatively. We have been working on this issue since 2001 continuously and maintain the harmony of the Park’s ecological values with replanting.

It is our objective to create a health-centred and environment-friendly lifestyle in this wonderful environment for the participants of both the passive and active wellness and recreation. With my colleagues we are doing our best to encourage more and more people, older and younger people, healthy and disabled people to get to know the joy of sports and to follow a healthier way of life.